The tradition carries on.

Mynett’s reputation for quality repairs goes back to our founder, Milt Mynett, and the repair shop he opened right here in Fort Wayne, in 1933. The tradition continues today with our local, in-house, full-service band and orchestral instrument repair department.

What We Do


Whether the issue is as simple as a stuck mouthpiece or as complicated as an instrument overhaul, our expert repair staff can diagnose the problem and provide a recommended course of action.


Every instrument should be cleaned, adjusted, and inspected at least once per year, and our staff will keep your instrument in peak playing condition, helping you continue to make music.


Does your instrument need a tweak to get it playing and performing just the way you want? Our technicians can help you turn the instrument you have into the instrument of your dreams.

The Mynett Difference

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are at the top of their field. We only employ the best-trained and most experienced repair technicians. Whether you're having a saxophone refurbished or getting a minor adjustment to a violin, you’re sure to receive your instrument back in immaculate shape.

Local Makes a Difference

Everything is done at our Hobson Road location. Nothing is shipped out to outside companies, meaning your repairs are done faster, by people who truly care, helping you get back to making music.

Fast and Free Estimates

Not only will we never do any work without your approval, but our staff will also happily walk you through all your options to get your instrument back into playing condition.

Never Miss Rehearsal

We offer free loaner instruments to students enrolled at local area schools. This way, they will not miss out on any rehearsal time while their instrument is in the shop.

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