Mynett Music offers a large selection of new and used woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments and accessories for sale.

Mynett Music features name brand instruments

  • Armstrong
  • Ludwig/Musser
  • Scherl & Roth
  • Yanagisawa
  • Besson
  • Buffet
  • Holton
  • CB 700
  • Glaesel
  • Le Blanc
  • Vic Firth
  • LOL Lewis
  • Fox
  • Dynasty
  • Bach
  • Vito
  • King
  • CG Conn
  • Selmer
  • DEG
  • Mauriat
  • Bliss
  • Yamaha
  • Kala

Drum Sets

  • We feature Ludwig drum sets. Packages are available with cymbals and thrones included.
  • We buy and sell used instruments.
  • Call or e-mail us for a list of used instruments…We have lots of them!
  • Call and arrange an appointment for us to buy your used instruments.
  • We love to deal and chances are we can find the right used instrument for you.

Step-up Instrument Program

  • Great selection of step-up and pro instruments
  • Apply rental money from student instrument to step-up or professional instrument – contact us for details


Woodwind Accessories

  • All Reeds by the box are discounted 30%: Rico, Rico Royal, LaVoz, Mitchell Lurie, Van Doren (all types), Hemke, Rico Jazz, Marca, Plasticover, Oliveri, Fibercell, Bari, Gonzalez, and others
  • Double Reeds: Emerald, Jones, Meason, Renard, Selmer, Rico, and others
  • Ligatures: Selmer, Rovner, Bonade, Van Doren, and others
  • Woodwind mouthpieces: Van Doren, Selmer, Bundy, EZ Tone, Portnoy, Vito, Berg Larsen, Ator, Brilhart, and many others
  • Pneumo Pro Flute teaching device
  • Woodwind Cases, Covers, Gig Bags and Stands
  • Reed guards and cases, Pad savers, Cork Grease, Straps, Mouthpiece caps, Care Kits, Swabs, Oils/Lubricants, Polish Clothes, Brushes, Flute Rods and many other care accessories
  • Pads, Cork, Cork cement and Parts

String Accessories

  • Violin, viola, cello, bass, and strings of all types
  • Bows for all string instruments
  • Chin Rests and Shoulder pads
  • Mutes, Bridges Endpins Floor Guards and Fines Tuners
  • Parts including tailpieces, pegs and Bass machine Heads
  • Rosins for all string instruments
  • Care Kits, Polish Clothes, Humidifiers and other string care products
  • Cases, Covers and Gig Bags

General Accessories

  • Metronomes and tuners: Seiko, Wittner, Peterson, Korg, Snark, Dr. Beat, and many others
  • Tuning Forks and Pitch Pipes
  • Large selection of Conducting Batons
  • Lyres, Flip folders, Drum Major whistles and other Marching Band accessories
  • Pre Band Instruments and Recorders
  • Instrument Stands from K&M, Hercules, Hamilton, Belmonte and others
  • Complete line of Manhasset music stands and stands from Hamilton, Peterson and others
  • Stand Lights
  • Folders and Folios
  • Band and Orchestra Awards and Pins
  • Music Themed Jewelry and Key chains
  • Instrument case tags
  • Band stands and fronts
  • Music Wear and Clothing
  • Music Podiums and Percussion Cabinets
  • Stand Carts
  • Marching Band Podiums and carts

Percussion Accessories

  • Complete Line of Drum Heads for Snare Drums, Bass Drums,Timpani and all Marching Drums from Evans, Ludwig, Remo, Dynasty and many other brands
  • Stands for all percussion instruments
  • Drum parts, including strainers, hoops, rims, snares, and others
  • Complete line of drum sticks: Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Zildjian, Ludwig, and many other brands
  • Complete line of mallets: Innovative Percussion, Musser, Vic Firth, Mike Balter, American Drum, and other brands
  • Complete line of Timpani mallets and accessories
  • Drum Keys, ratchets, speed keys, and other tuning devices
  • Practice pads, stands, and other learning devices
  • Drum Carriers from Dynasty and Ludwig
  • LP and other small percussion instruments
  • Mounts, beaters, clips, and other attachments
  • Lugs, tension rods, and other replacement parts

Brass Accessories

  • Brass Mouthpieces: Complete line of Bach, Schilke, C.G. Conn, Holton, Mega Tone, Helleberg, Christian Lindberg, Giardinelli, DEG, CKB, Denis Wick and many others
  • Mouthpiece pullers, adapters, pouches, bags, visualizers, brushes, Trueing Tools and other mouthpiece products
  • Mutes for all brass instruments: Humes and Berg, Bach, Jo-Ral, Harmon, Tom Crown Alessi-Vacchiano and many others…Mute Bag, too
  • Valve Accessories including Guards, Modular Weight Valve Caps, Finger Buttons, and others
  • Care Kits, Bore Cleaners, Polish Clothes, Slide protectors and other care accessories
  • Sousaphone pads, Tuning Bits, necks, etc.
  • Valve oil, Slide oil, disinfectants, Tuning Slide grease, Rotor oil and other lubricants
  • Brass Cases, Covers, Gig bags and Stands featuring Pro Tech products
  • Screws, corks and other brass parts

Music Sheet Music and Books

  • Beginning Band Method Books
  • Beginning Orchestra Method Books
  • Solo and Ensemble Collection Books
  • Solo and Ensemble Sheet Music (special order only)
  • Jazz Ensemble Method Books
  • “Play Along” Pop, Sacred and Jazz Books
  • Staff Paper
  • Marching Band Chart paper
  • Music Clips and Lamps

How to order Accessories

Online Ordering Policy

All orders are taken over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cashier’s checks, money orders, and Paypal.

Have your accessory order delivered to your school

  • Contact us via phone or e-mail with your accessory order
  • Let us know the school that you would like order delivered to.
  • Mynett Music will inform you when our salesman will deliver to your school
  • All deliveries must be pre-paid
  • Delivery will be to your music teacher with students name on order

We accept: