No Hassle. No Commitment. Lower Monthly Payments.

Not only are our prices better, but we will apply everything you already paid for this school year’s rental as credit toward the purchase price of your instrument. Simply bring us your current school year’s rental contract when you make the switch – it’s that easy.

Then enjoy these other great benefits of being a Mynett Customer:

  Mynett Music Most Stores
What is the minimal rental commitment? 1 Month 4 Months
Do you guarantee my rental rate will not increase? YES NO
Does 100% of my rental payment go toward the future purchase of my instrument, if I choose to purchase it? YES NO
Will I always get a quality, name-brand instrument? YES NO
Do I get free maintenance and repairs on my
rental instrument?
Is all customer service, maintenance, and repair
work done in Fort Wayne?

Making the switch is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Rent Online, Give Us a Call at (260) 482-5533 or stop in
  2. Bring us your current school year’s rental contract, and we will apply what you’ve already paid towards the purchase price of your instrument.
  3. Leave happy

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